Our Commercial Refrigerator Company

It’s hard to imagine our modern world without commercial refrigeration. All shops have refrigerating windows, all supermarkets, retailers and beverage companies have their refrigerated displays.

If you are the owner or the manger of such a company and you’re looking for commercial refrigerators, you’ve come to the right spot. Our company provides a wide variety of refrigerated display merchandising solutions, as well as commercial freezers.

As global warming is in the spotlight these days, we take pride in offering our clients and business partners environmental friendly refrigeration solutions. Environmental responsibility is one of our core values. Our mission is to help making this planet a better place by reducing the carbon footprint of refrigeration equipment.

We are also concerned with complying with the industry quality standards, while keeping our prices at a competitive level. Our relatively low profit margins enable us maintain affordable prices. We prefer to earn from our sales volumes rather than from the profit margins. This has been proven to work very well, many big retailers and supermarkets being happy to choose our equipment.

Our marketing experts are aware of the importance of design in this industry. We know very well that convenience stores and other retailers have to comply to their merchandising manuals and to their interior design vision. This why we strive to offer style and performance, combined in high end equipment that meets your needs and inspires your guests.

Thanks to the highly efficient HVAC systems, you are going to be able to make savings by cutting your monthly energy bills. Even if the initial costs may appear too high for your budget, a simple math can reveal how much money you could be able to save by benefitting from energy efficient refrigeration equipment for your store.

Our expertise enables us to deliver all projects on time and on budget. Our specialists can help you estimate your needs, so that you can choose the best refrigerators to suit your business. Besides, our installation team is going to make sure your equipment is going to be delivered and installed as quickly as possible, without any problems or delays.

Once you become our business partner, you won’t have to worry about your refrigerators ever again. We deliver preventative maintenance services and all repairs you may need. Thanks to our international connections and business partnerships, we can find any spare parts you may need for your older equipment. Besides, we can help you repair these older systems, so that you can save money by extending their life.

Last but not least, our commercial refrigeration company is ready to become your partner in reducing your power consumption. We employ energy optimization specialists who can identify all your opportunities to cut these costs.

If you want a reliable supplier of refrigeration systems, a promoter of green initiatives and a trustworthy helper and friend, contact us to day to see what we can do for you. Refrigeration is extremely important in the hospitality and trade industry, as we know it very well.

At the other end of the spectrum of cooling and refrigeration we have heating and oven products and machines. Find out more about this type of equipment at www.gobte.com. BTE offers some of the best and best-in-class industrial baking equipment – from ovens to cooling tunnels.

January 10, 2017